Officers, Board, and other Leadership, 2014-2018

The RC22 leadership team consists of three Officers and ten Board Members, plus appointees for special projects.  The Board and Officers serve for four year terms, beginning and ending with the ISA World Congresses.   Each major world region is represented.  The Past President serves on the Board ex officio.

  • President: James SPICKARD, University of Redlands, USA
  • Vice-President: Per PETTERSSON, University of Uppsala, Sweden
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Eloisa MARTIN, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Board Members
    Lovemore NDLOVU, Zimbabwe
    Michael OKYEREFO, University of Ghana, Ghana
    SAKURAI Yoshihide, Hokkaido University, Japan
    Seyed Hossein SERAJZADEH, Kharazmi University of Tehran, Iran
    Olga BRESKAYA, European Humanities University, Lithuania
    Miroljub JEVTIC, University of Belgrade, Serbia
    Latin America
    Eloisa MARTIN, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Hugo José SUAREZ, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México
    North America
    Jualynne DODSON, Michigan State University, USA
    Ephraim SHAPIRO, Columbia University, USA
  • Past President: Adam Possamai, University of Western Sydney, Australia
  • Liaison with Other Scholarly Organizations in the Sociology of Religion:
    SISR/ISSR: SAKURAI Yoshihide, Hokkaido University, Japan
  • Program Coordinator for the 3rd Forum of Sociology, Vienna, Austria, July 2016:
    Vineeta Singh, University of Singapore,
    assisted by Olga Breskaya, European Humanities University
  • Program Coordinators for the 19th World Congress of Sociology, Toronto, Canada, July 2018:
    Anna Halafoff, Deakin University
    Carolyn Starkey, University of Leeds
    Sam Han, University of Singapore

Elections for President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Board Members occur in the Spring before each World Congress.  The Board appoints one of more Vice-Presidents.  After consulting the Board, the President appoints liaisons with other scholarly organizations.  The President also appoints Program Coordinators for our various conferences.


RC-22 was established in order to expand the role of the Sociology of Religion in the International Sociological Association.  The Research Committee:

  • provides opportunities for personal and institutional contacts between sociologists of religion worldwide;
  • encourages the dissemination of social-scientific knowledge about religion;
  • facilitates and promotes international meetings between sociologists of religion in many countries;
  • assists graduate students in the sociology of religion in broadening their international awareness;
  • helps under-represented countries use RC-22 resources and facilities.

Link to RC-22 Statutes (PDF)

Link to a list of Past RC-22 Officers and Board Members